BlueTeam design of Guiyang Dragon City Plaza is about to start construction.




    Long Yu City Plaza is a comprehensive development project is located in the central business district of Guiyang Lake view. Projects include air culture and entertainment plaza, commercial retail, apartment, office and The Inn Boutique. The building covers an area of 107 thousand square meters, construction area of 224 thousand square meters, with low carbon, green and ecological concept, enjoy the International Conference and Exhibition Center's top commercial facilities and the surrounding form the core of the financial and economic development, Guiyang.

    ▽沿街透视图,Perspective along the street




    "We want this to be one of the most", "Guiyang," taking into account the overall sustainable development of the building." BlueTeam believes that this is the new core of the development of the city's traffic led to the beautiful environment of the city of Guiyang echo resonance, activate the city scene."


    △ 总平面图,site plan

    The design of Long Yu City Square "in the city park as the theme to create a huge atrium, two large span and super Wai layout, form a skeleton structure full of a sense of power, its commercial space and green garden mixed arrangement. In the hot season to play the sun and ventilation, but also make the building looks elegant, light, as if a layer of soft skin covering the building frame.

    △ 鸟瞰图,birdview

    BlueTeam understanding is: "to build a place, not only to make the building have a rational logic also have a sense of ecological."

    △沿街透视图,Perspective along the street

    △沿街透视图,Perspective along the street

    As a public area, the atrium is open to employees and guests of different brands. Set up in the atrium of the landscape elevator can be directly to the ecological roof. The internal connection and external environment, the lower and upper green business connections, the long Yu City Plaza commercial space extending from indoor to outdoor, not only provide a relaxed atmosphere and place to the public, but also has a strong centripetal force.

    △沿街透视图,Perspective along the street

    △ 鸟瞰图,birdview

    ““龙宇城市广场” 建设正在有序推进中,预计于2019年入驻使用。
    "Long Yu City Square" construction is in an orderly manner, is expected to be settled in the use of 2019.


    项目名称: 龙宇广场规划与建筑方案设计
    项目类型: 城市综合体
    项目规模: 371,818 M2
    项目位置 : 贵阳
    规划团队: BLUETEAM
    参与者: 庞博 程太祥 刘洪君  刘林祥  李唐涛
    建设进度: 在建
    Name of project: A Planning and Construction Design of LongYu Urban Commercial Park
    Type: Urban Context
    Size: 371,818 M2
    Location : GUIYANG
    Planning Leader: BLUETEAM
    Status: Under Construction









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