铜梁图书馆Tongliang Library

——文化与传承之载体 Carrier of Culture and Heritage

    来自BlueTeam分享的消息。更多关于他们:BlueTeam Appreciation towards Blue Architects for providing the following description:


    来自BluTeam分享的消息。更多关于他们:Blue Architects on Blue. Appreciation towards Blue Architects for providing the following description:




    Museum originates in Sumerians temple. In there, rooms were filled with clay tablets which were recorded in God legend and history by cuneiform. Aristotle who was supported by Alexander King set the first public library in Europe. It treasured up nature science and juristic writing. Now, it has been a Mixed Use library which contains printed publication(books magazine), imagine medium(audio-video film) and E-journal for store circulate exhibit and read.

    ▽ 入口透视,The entry perspective







    With state and religion support, designing and planning library is regarded as one of the most publicbuildings. It is not only as a carrier of culture and heritage as square, but also as an iconic image which shows the relationship between city and citizen. Tongliang is known for grancraft forthright Tongliang Dragon dancing, for Tongliang Government has an international sight to think about the public architecture. Before the library built, there is only few of modern architecture in there. Government wants to have a big change, so library would be an iconic image and new town landscape.



    ▽ 意向草图,sketch
















    Acquainting with Chongqing’s beautiful landscape,and hot summer climate is the primary strategy for architect to create "Green Architecture" by means. In floor planning, separating independent lo rise buildings are jointed. Scattered along mountains are the streamline buildings which are looks
    like cobblestone oriented to the wind. In function, scatting room contains reading-room, children's reading room, e-reading room, special collection room, exhibition room, lecture hall, resting area,storeroom, out reading square etc. "Internal circular breathing" glass curtain out wall is easy for
    interchange of air, and it is advantage for building is setting off in green plants. Connecting the glass curtain wall is folks, literary quotations, seal characters and Tongliang Dragon images carving large area.  



    ▽施工过程,the construction process

















    It gets a better command of interior light, and satisfies us to vivid the culture and inherits the memory.
















    项目名称: 铜梁图书馆

    客户: 铜梁政府

    项目类型:图书馆 展览

    项目规模: 13,056m2

    项目位置 : 重庆铜梁

    奖项 : 2010市公共建筑规划设计一等奖

    规划团队:  BLUETEAM

    参与者: 庞博 刘静 谢敏 



    Name of project: Tongliang Library

    Client: TongLiang Government 

    Type: Library Exhibition

    Size: 13,056 M2

    Location : China Tongliang

    Planning Leader:  BLUETEAM

    Collaborators: PANGBO  LIUJING XIEMING

    Status: Finished








    Project Label/项目标签

    Design/设计: BlueTeam

    Location/位置:重庆 Chongqing 

    Type/类型:图书馆展览Library Exhibition

    Label/标签 :图书馆 公共建筑 Library public building

    Status/ 建设进度:已建成 Finished


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