中铁·山水逸城II  云端·云邸规划建筑设计方案A Concept Planning & Construction Design for China Railway Landscape City

——“一个灵活的、有弹性的新区开发策略"A flexible, flexible development strategy for the New District

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    "中铁 山水逸城II  “云端.云邸” 39万平方米的规划设计方案利用轨道交通紧密串联城市核心区,,创造一个强大的公共生活平台,激发“茶园新区“潜力。而线性规划与集约开发提供了一个灵活的、有弹性的策略,勾勒出一个清晰的城市愿景,提供了该区域随着时间的推移而可以逐步实施的发展计划,使之成为新区的门户与指导未来可持续发展的城市典范。


    "China railway landscape city II  " The cloud“ is 390000 square meters of planning and design scheme using the rail transit close series urban core, and create a powerful platform for the public life, stimulate" tea garden district "potential. And the linear programming and intensive development provides a flexible, elastic, draws the outline of a clear vision of the city, provides the area over time can gradually implement the development plan, make it become the new portal model and guidance for the sustainable development of the future city.


    ▽沿街透视图,Perspective along the street



    2017年,重庆迎来直辖的第20岁生日,在此期间,城市得到了前所未有的蓬勃发展:空港新城牵引城市的北部新区,西部大学城的兴建催化虎溪建设,同时带动西永产业园,而政策扶植使两江新区的未来趋于明    朗。而南部,虽然坐拥南山,是重庆“巴渝文化”“开埠文化“等发源之地,却一直因为城市发展重心偏移而相对薄弱。

    2017 years, chongqing's old 20th birthday, during this period, the city obtained the unprecedented boom: airport metro traction the north of the city new district, the western university city construction of catalytic huxi construction, also drives the west industrial park, and policy support to the future of liangjiang new area Lang. And the south, although have nanshan, chongqing "ba-yu culture" and "open port culture" such as origin, has been relatively weak because of the urban development center of gravity offset. 


    ▽沿街透视图,Perspective along the street




    The project of "tea garden district" is a key point of chongqing southern Renaissance, as to build the bibcock of jiangnan trillions of industrial corridor, the moon mountain in the east, west alongside nan shan, south reliance firewood plateau mountain, north near the Yangtze river, as well as ecological environment, living environment. Is the first choice for modern ecological livable city. "Tea garden district covers 120 square kilometers, planning and construction land area of 75 square kilometers, the population is expected to reach 500000 in 2020. Chongqing,


    One of the three major railway hub station is now on the recent planning agenda, TOD mode of traffic guiding development certainly will will increase the future of regional portal for important city. 




    Fortunately, the construction of the east gate bridge and the nan shan tunnel opening, make the area a good improvement in traffic, at present, the urban rail transit is about 10 min the residents can be transported from the project location to the urban core "jiangbei business circle",

    因此,我们的规划,将着眼于整个城市未来的发展方向与政策指引(AOD)紧密结合与城市核心”解放碑商圈“的交通优势,利用其与目前区域相比地价的巨大差异,人居环境的舒适度以及年轻初创企业对成本控制等诸多因素, 在定义为CITY HUB (城市泛中心)的基础上,协同发展,逐步成为核心商圈的供给站与后花园,弥补“解放碑核心商圈”在人居环境,价格高昂等因素的不足,从而获得更为稳定,高素质的资源。使之成为“茶园新区”的新门户以及指导未来可持续发展的城市典范

    Our planning, therefore, will focus on the future development direction of the whole CITY and the policy guidance (AOD) together with the urban core "jiangbei business circle" of traffic advantages, USES the big differences compared with the current regional land price, and living environment of comfort and young start-ups to cost control and so on many factors, in defined as CITY HUB pan (CITY center), on the basis of the coordinated development, gradually become the core business circle supply station and the back garden, make up the "jiangbei core business circle" in living environment, the shortage of the factors such as high cost, In order to gain more stable, high-quality resources. Making it the "tea garden district" new portal model and the guidance for the sustainable development of the future city

    重新定义的斜向轴线顺应基地等高线,形成清晰的网络组织,在突出场所精神 ,提高土地使用效率的同时,土方量施工成本得以降低。

    Redefine the oblique axis contour with base, form a clear network organization, in a prominent place spirit, improve the efficiency of land use at the same time, earthwork quantity to reduce construction cost.

    ▽ 功能形式,Functional form



    A new public space corridor project supporting the diversification of core region function to form a rich core corridor, contains business, space and culture. The entertainment corridor,。


    At the same time, it also links the rail site and park, and the partition of entrance space, cross two corridor elements constitute the center of the planning organization, in the area of public transport, the main destination and important public space formed between pedestrian access to contact directly.

    ▽ 总平面图,site plan

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    ▽ 鸟瞰图,birdview


    "中铁 山水逸城II  “云端.云邸” 不仅仅是一个崭新的综合社区,也是未来“茶园”工作生活的全新理念。

     "China railway landscape  city II ” The cloud mansion "is not only a brand-new comprehensive community, also as a brand-new idea   work & life of new city district in future.

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    项目名称: 中铁·山水逸城II  云端·云邸 规划与建筑方案设计

    项目类型: 商住综合体
    项目规模: 294254 M2
    项目位置 : 重庆  茶园新区
    规划团队: BLUETEAM
    参与者: 庞博  刘林祥 张瑞 程太祥 赵源 罗燚 李唐涛


    Name of project: The Planning & construction Design of ZhengZhou Finance College
    Type:  Commercial complex
    Size: 254359M2
    Planning Leader: BLUETEAM

    Project Label/项目标签


    Design/设计: BlueTeam

    Location/位置:重庆 ChongQing

    Type/类型:商住综合体 Commercial Complex

    Label/标签 :灵活有弹性的新区开发策略


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