武夷山.自驾游营地项目规划设计方案 A Concept Planning & Construction Design for WuYi Mountain

——“ 九曲武夷,世界自然物文化遗产"JiuQu WuYi, World Natural Cultural Heritage

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    Tourism is the core industry of wuyishan. Wuyi mountain scenery, and the world natural and cultural heritage, is of very high visibility, both at home and abroad to visit wuyi tourists come, the success of wuyishan city tourism




    ▽沿街透视图,Perspective along the street




    We planning architecture design team and the owner to want to jump off a single commercial buildings of thinking, but from the perspective of urban renewal and public space to create, to carry out the more open, inclusive, publicity and settlement characteristics of urban planning, and try to answer the essence of sustainable urban development, integrated thinking mode of doing business, operating city, diversified development, public participation space, the slow movement and sharing, and proves the gestation and activation of cultural heritage utilization, creative block, geographical place these factors




     Wuyi mountain tourism market continues to grow, the project is located in the south of wuyi mountain resort, with excellent geographical location, which makes the wuyishan self-drive camp, west jams king of peaks, jiuqu river in the south, airports, high-speed, high-speed distributed around, traffic facilities. The ecological environment has outstanding environmental advantages.





     ▽ 总平面图,Site plan



    Based on the linear analysis of functions, the plan analyzes and studies the invisible axis, then links all functions and appeals to the theme of wuyi. With an eye on the transfer of transport hubs, catering and cultural entertainment facilities, the people will be introduced into various areas of the town. Linear structure of the whole town into an interesting public life space, restaurant street, wuyi square will be built with the future of hot spring holiday village, form the core of the project and service facilities, eventually forming orderly linear organization.


     ▽ 酒店区透视,Perspective of hotel area





    The building materials include stone, rammed earth, wood and steel keel. Local materials stone, rammed earth material from the resort, other venues to dig soil, effectively solve the part of dealing with problems at the same time make soil buildings to form the "take to the soil, the line to the earth, to earth 'ecological cycle. The selection of natural materials allows the building to return to the land again, thus forming the ecological architecture which originates from the land.


    ▽ 酒店内廷透视,Hotel netting perspective



    The design takes into account the use of wood as a renewable circulating material, and the balance of natural and construction environments in an organic and fashion manner.


    The roof of the living room and the outdoor plywood are covered with oak, the floor of the dining room is solid teak wood, extending to the patio platform in front of the dining room, building the feeling of the deck of the yacht.


    ▽ 商墅内街透视,Street perspective in shangshu



    Plan, closely integrated with the urban environment and cultural heritage of the square, street, yard, shops, tea houses and a series of space and activities will be to build a sustainable creative block, diversified into the infinite vitality for updating the center of the city.




    Resort to hire local craftsmen to build building, in addition to cost savings, improve construction efficiency, using the local traditional construction technology can maximum play to the material performance, make the building with local aesthetic qualities.


     ▽ 商业街透视,Business street perspective



    The project will naturally be the same as the original retail plan with innovative and modern methods. Its open, low density not only embodies the unique design of the project team of wuyi mountain deep understanding of the city and local consumer habits, also created a unique leisure and shopping experience for customers.



















    项目名称: 武夷山.自驾游营地项目规划设计方案 

    项目类型: 规划建筑设计
    项目规模: 38294 M2
    项目位置 : 福建  武夷山市
    规划团队: BLUETEAM
    参与者: 庞博  刘林祥  张建梅 张瑞 程太祥 赵源 李鲜旺  何辉 


    Name of project: The Planning & construction Design of WuYi mountain
    Type:  Publicl complex
    Size: 38294M2
    Location : FUJIAN  WuYiShan
    Planning Leader: BLUETEAM

    Project Label/项目标签


    Design/设计: BlueTeam

    Location/位置:福建 Fu Jian

    Type/类型:公建 Public 

    Label/标签 :酒店 商业 地域性文化


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